Monday, March 29, 2010

A Loving Family

With one thing in common, a bunch of people we've never really known before became a very close in heart friends.

In 3 days, we've shared a lot of things, and sees much.
The stories we tell each other, the jokes that makes us laugh, the journey we traveled, the leasons we learned, and most of, all the moments we shared together.
In 3 days, we simply became a new family.

Maybe we're seperated in distance, and by time. But I believe, we're never seperated in heart.
I love you all, buddies!! And longing to dive again with all of you real soon! Miss you!! ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I woke up this morning with high expectation. And all I found is disappointment.

I checked the phone over and over, but no messages, no missed calls. So I went online and checked everything. E-mail, YM, even FB and Twitter. Still I found nothing. Nada, Zero, Null.. *Sigh..

Sometimes I get tired of waiting, when the waiting results nothing. It makes me think twice even more. Was it worth waited? Was it worth the effort I put in? Was it worth every single second of my patience? Oh, I cannot even answer my very own question.

I don’t know whether this is stupid, dumb, or whatever. I still wait. Though I got tired, I still came back to the same spot and waited. I’m waiting the zero turns into numbers. Into answers. Into something surprising. Into something special.

And while I’m waiting. I shed a tear.

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