Friday, January 29, 2010

On the way home.

Hitting the road. Bus driver flooring the gas pedal. Bus runs on the highway. As they're chasing each others. Bus and bus, trucks and trucks, cars and cars.

Dark clouds shroud. Thunders and lightning. Rain pouring heavily. Drops on the window pane. As they're trying to break in.

Me. Sitting here. Brain begins to work. Fingers tapping on keypad.

Me want to sleep

Late nite monologue. Sleep deprived talk. Brain freezed blabber.
Sun will shine in hours. Yet still awake. Lack of sleep. But still fighting to stay awake.
When will this end? When will i get my chance to get in touch with bed? When will i can hug my baby blooster. When will i go swimmingg in my dreams.

Time and Date


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