Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Boyfriend's birthday is coming up in several days. Been so excited for the last 2 weeks.

I'm so into birthdays. Birthday greetings, presents, surprises, the pranks. Everything!

Why do I love everything about birthday? In my very own opinion, through birthday we sometimes could see how much people cares.
The way they pray for us, the time they spend to find the perfect gift, the arrangement of the surprise, the effort to make the birthday boy/girl sooo happy on their day.
If you don't care much to the person, why spending time and money to all those? You know the answer.
Yes, exactly. You care a lot about them. It's why you're willing to do all that.
And the simplest of all, remembering the date of birthday itself shows you care.

I like picking presents. Though I'm not that good. Choosing the right one, the very perfect one is never easy.
Is this the one s/he likes? Is this what s/he needs? Will s/he love the one I choose. Thinking about it drives me crazy. Though I still want to do it. Because I want them to be happy the second the open the present. And then keeping it, and be happy for it for the rest of their lifes.

Another thing I like is birthday greetings. Cards, the cute one, the funny one with jokes, or just a simple words formed into great sentences which came out from the heart.

I just want the person I care about had a very amazing blasting birthday to be remembered forever.

Happy birthday for anyone who's celebrating it today! Have a blast guys! it's your day... :)

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