Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's been happening?

It's been a while since my last post. Well I actually can't say a while when it's over a month I left this blog abandoned. Haha. Somehow I'm bad at managing my time, I barely had my time to write down my thoughts.

So what's been happening to me. What's on my mind. What's been crushing my world or coloring it. I might say A LOT. Yes, truckloads of things happened in a very short time.

First issue. FRIENDSHIP.
I miss my girls, Karin, Gaga , Ajeng, Dora, and Erin.
Karin, she has left to UK. Continuing her study. Oh how jealous I am! But I'm pretty sure, I turn is about to come. I really have to work my ass off searching for scholarships.
Gaga and Dora, they must be working on their final project. Their struggling to finish the study and get their bachelor degree. You can do it girls!! Can't wait to see you both on your graduation day.
Ajeng. Hmm.. Fixing her broken heart I assumed. Sigh. I just can't get it. Why on earth does she always has to experienced bad things in her love life. And leaving her in her worst nightmare. Being left behind for no reason.
Erin. Almost lost track of her. Busy working I guess. Uhhh.. I miss gossiping with her.
I really miss my girls. Miss them a lot. I need a day together with them and talk about everything.

I had this one major thing in my friendship. No. This is not about me and my girls. We're doing just fine. This is about me and another friend. I happen to can't understand what's up with us. How come we went from really close friends like a thumb and the index finger (such a worse metaphor) into a complete strangers. We stopped texting each other. Not to mention phoning each other. It just happened. Snap! Just like that. I'm sad of it. I just can't really tell what happened, because I really don't know. Sigh! I need to fix this real soon.

Second issue. FAMILY.
Gosh! I miss my brother so much. We haven't meet in a while. I think it's almost a month. We usually go out and hang somewhere once or twice a month. It's just a simple brother sister outing. But I really like it. Sharing stories. Asking advice. He's the one I ran to anytime I got a problem.

Third issue. LOVE.
Yeap, love. I recently just gotten into a relationship. A happy one I could say. Why? Because apparentely all we do is laugh, laugh and laugh. We love because we laugh. How good is that? Really thankfull for it. Buuutttt.... I had a new problem. And the problem isss.. maintaining the relationship itself. Finding the one we really care about is such a hard thing to do, and believe me, maintaining it is million billion zillion times harder. I am once again learning. I am learning to be patient. To put my ego as low as the ground we step on everyday. To understands. To know. Gosh. There's a lot to learn in one relationship..

Okay, what's else? Humm.. I think its just that.

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